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Welcome to Church Online!

The Church isn't a building, it's people! As challenging as this season might be, know that no matter how you came here, as a Church, we are here with and for you. Please join us every Sunday for Church Online as we continue to meet virtually and safely from our own homes!

Keyboard and Mouse

Tech Support for Church Online & VBS Online 

Need a hand watching the services online? We got your back. Check out these tips!

How do I watch it on the TV?

Here are a few ways you can make it happen!

1. Does your TV have access to Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast?

It definitely will if you have an Apple TV or Android TV device and it may have access to AirPlay and Chromecast built in if your TV was made in the last few years.

  • If your TV has Chromecast and/or an Android TV device, go to the Church Online page on your computer or phone, and then follow the instructions here.

  • If your TV has Airplay and/or an Apple TV device, go to our Church Online page on your computer or phone, and then follow the instructions here.

2. Does your TV or any of the boxes you have plugged into it have the Vimeo app?

Many TVs and many of the boxes you'd plug into your TV (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV) have access to a Vimeo app now! Just launch it, search for the 'discovertrinity' channel, and select the sermon you want to hear.

3. Plug your Computer to your TV

This is a little easier said than done just because every computer and TV has different ports. Check out this picture to see if your TV & computer has any of these ports available. Once you figure that out, you can go onto Amazon or Best Buy and most likely, they'll have a cable to connect your TV to your Computer.

My video is really choppy now

It's a classic answer... but have you tried refreshing or restarting your computer? We're serious, you'd be surprised how well it works!

If that doesn't work, it's possible your internet connection isn't catching up to the video. Our platform Vimeo should help tune the video quality based on your video connection but it sometimes can't catch up. Here's how you can set the video quality manually.

  1. Click on the 'Gears' icon' on the lower right of your video

  2. Select 240p or whatever quality you want to try. The lower the number, the faster the video will load, at the expense of video quality.

I know someone who'd like to tune in but can't because they don't have a device.

Please let us know about them by filling out the Connection Card on our Church Online page. We would be honored to send them a transcript of our service so they can read along during this season.

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